How to craft a successful Etsy listing

Etsy is a huge market place of over 1.8 million shops, you may wonder how you will ever be found amongst so many. Here, I’m going to share some tips that have worked for me…

First, open your shop! This link will get you started with 40 free listings, so opening your shop won’t cost you a penny. Next you need to fill up those 40 spaces. The more items you have in your shop the more chance you have of being found!

Crafting a listing

I’ll be using my Tiger ebony and Garnet bracelet listing as an example throughout this post.

Tiger ebony and Garnet bracelet

Product photography

I’m guessing if you’re reading this post you already have a great product to sell but, do your photos show your potential customers how great it is? You can add ten photos to each listing, make sure to use as many as you can. Photograph your product from different angles, add a close up and an “action shot” if relevant/possible. A staged shot is great for showing off the product, but an *in use* shot will give scale and let the shopper imagine the item being used by them. I share more photography tips in a previous post.

Tip: Use natural light, never a flash.

Titles and Tags

Make this your mantra, “titles and tags, titles and tags, titles and tags…” The first three words of your title carry the most weight in Etsy searches, so make sure these three words are the most relevant to your product. Fill up the rest of the title with more descriptive key words like colour, style, ideal recipient. Now take words and phrases from your title and add them as tags. Lets take my Tiger ebony and Garnet bracelet as an example. You can see I have repeated words and phrases from the title in the tags (you will see the tags at the very bottom of the listing). If you were looking for this bracelet you would most likely find it by searching for one of these tags, obviously the more specific the search, the higher up the search results it will come. A search for “tiger ebony bracelet” should see this bracelet on the first page. A tag like “gift for her” will be swamped so, this bracelet would only reach the first page in this search when it was newly listed or renewed. Which leads me onto timing. Time affects search results, newly listed/renewed items will appear higher up in search results than older listings.

Tip: If you are listing similar products, try to vary your titles and tags to cover as many potential search terms as possible.

Tip: Update your titles and tags to reflect seasonal trends and celebrations.

Good to know: Listings that have been renewed after selling will stay higher up the search results for longer.

What’s the right price?

You know how much it cost to make your product and you know how long it took to make it, this will give you a good starting point. While deciding on your price bear in mind if you under price, a potential customer may be suspicious of the quality (especially if the description is also very sparse) and if you over price, you may price yourself out of the market.

Tip: Don’t undersell yourself or your skills.

Getting the Sale

When writing your item description, imagine you are writing it for someone who can’t see the pictures. Include size, colour, shape, the ideal recipient. Keep in mind that the first paragraph will be searched by Google, but not Etsy, so think of your first paragraph as an introduction to your product and then go into details in the following paragraphs. A detailed description encourages confidence in the product.

What if your potential customer is just browsing? They may have clicked on one of your items for a closer look, but not be convinced it’s for them. Maybe there is something similar in your shop that would be perfect for them but, as they found this listing from a search result, you will need to entice them into your shop to find it. You can do this by adding links to other areas of your shop, for example let’s take my Tiger ebony and Garnet bracelet again. I link to five other places in my shop, including my wooden jewellery section, a search for “birthstone” from within my shop and my Etsy shop home page.

Tip: Log out of your shop and browse Etsy as a customer, see if you can find one of your own items via Etsy search.

Shout it from the rooftops!

Once you have opened your shop and have some fabulous products ready to sell, shout it from the rooftops! Use at least four social media platforms to let the world know about your shop. I recently wrote a post focussed on Twitter and promoting your shop on social media, read it here.


Further reading

Etsy’s Seller Handbook

Chalso blog post on Social media and Twitter tips

Behind the scenes Chalso blog post with more tips, including photography tips.

Please note: I write this post from experience. Things that worked for me in the past may not continue to work in the future, especially as Etsy, Google and social media platforms are always changing and evolving. This means you too will need to change and adapt over time.

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