Chalso Circles

Announcing the new Chalso Circles Collection.

This collection is a slight diversification for Chalso. When you visit Chalso you will usually find lots of colour. This new collection is almost entirely Sterling silver (I couldn’t resist adding just one option with a touch of colour!).

Circles are a symbol of eternity and, for this collection, eternal love. With this in mind I have created a collection focussed on love, starting with a simple “I love you”.


The next, the Double Circle, is perfect to represent a couple’s love and would make great wedding jewellery.

The Double Circle necklace can also be separated onto two necklaces to make a mother and daughter or sisters set. The earrings would make a great gift for your mum or sister.


Triple Circles, I’m a mum to three children, so three is always on my mind.


The beauty of this minimal collection is that it is perfect for layering.


Visit my Etsy shop to view the full collection.

Note: Each picture has a description and a link to buy, click on the picture to see more information.

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