My favourite things to make

Custom orders are my favourite things to make.

From an initial enquiry of “Do you have any…?” or “Can you make…? to picking the beads, style, pattern and finish. I really do love the process. This is a Fire Opal bracelet I made which started off with an “I’d like an elastic Opal bracelet…”. Here are some of the photos taken from the conversation that followed.

Etsy also has a very handy Translate button integrated into it’s Conversations which enabled me to make this custom order for a lovely French couple, with a little bit of improvisation to clarify the bits that didn’t translate so well, I think I got it just right!

Usually the requests are variations of something I already make, but I enjoy making something just right for someone. The request often has special meaning to the customer whether it’s wedding jewellery or family birthstones so it always makes me feel good to be able to provide exactly what the customer was looking for.

A selection of custom orders.
A selection of custom orders.

Visit my Etsy shop to request a custom order of your own. I’m also happy make multiple matching sets for bridesmaids.

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