Why I love Etsy

OK, I’m an Etsy seller, so of course I would like to encourage people to shop on Etsy, but I’m also an Etsy buyer. For the last few years I’ve bought loads of Christmas and birthday presents from local, and not so local, Etsy shops. Not to mention the occasional little treat for myself  😉

Etsy is an easily searchable, worldwide, marketplace filled with over a million little shops mostly run by individual sellers like myself. Did you know that when you make a purchase on Etsy, the Etsy app for sellers makes a “cha-ching” sound to announce the sale to the seller? This sound is the cause of many little happy dances all around the world!

I’d like to share  with you the story of one of my most recent Etsy purchases…

First a bit of personal history… When I was 13, almost 30 years ago now, my hero died. My Grandad Charlie was my hero, he died on Valentine’s Day. I was on a very rare day trip with my mum and two wee brothers to Caithness Glass Visitor Centre. We were watching them making Valentine’s heart paperweights when a member of staff approached us saying there was a call for my mum in the office (way, way before the mobile phone era began). My brothers and I continued watching them working the glass while my puzzled mum went to see what was going on. When she got back she took us to the cafe and that was when she gave us the sad news. Her dad, my Grandad Charlie, had died. We went home that day with one of those Valentine’s heart paperweights, my mum still has it.

Fast forward to 2017… Over the last few months, after coming across them on Instagram and then on Pinterest, I have rediscovered the beauty of glass paperweights. I even visited the Caithness Glass website to have a wee nosey, but there was nothing that grabbed my attention enough to make a purchase until one evening in early February. I was browsing the “glasgowetsy” tag on Etsy to see what the team had been up to (it’s a tag used by members of the Glasgow Etsy Team, of which I am one) and there it was, a vintage 1980s Caithness Glass paperweight (in my favourite colours)!

Obviously it was meant for me… it arrived on Valentine’s Day ❤️


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5 thoughts on “Why I love Etsy

  1. Love this post! I too am an Etsy seller and support other Etsy sellers. For me it’s not just that cha ching but it’s the fact that I can be a stay at home mom because of Etsy! Truly sorry to read the story of you grandfather passing, but I’m sure he is still with you and you are constantly reminded of him.
    Stopping by from livingsimplewiththejanegirls.WordPress.com


    1. Thank you for popping by and reading my blog, the whole blogging thing all very new to me at the moment! I totally agree with you, I love being a stay at home mum too and Etsy makes it possible for me to run my small business from home while the kids are at school. 🙂

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