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PhD thesis, old uni textbooks and a couple of books from my favourite Fantasy series.

Chalso grew from a hobby, one that I needed. I’m a scientist by training, I have a PhD and my last “proper” job was a Postdoc at Stanford University.
In 2006 we decided to leave California, move back to Glasgow and start a family (well that was a shock to the system!). Little did I know I would be leaving my scientific career behind as well.

Three babies and eight years later, I finally started to get some time back for myself, just an hour here and there when the kids were at school and nursery. Around that time I found an old broken necklace and decided to fix it….

I was soon making jewellery for friends and family and birthday gifts for all the kids’ wee friends. I was addicted to the creativity, the time I was spending on me.

Some of my most favourite items are my silver wire wrapped semi precious stone jewellery.

I started my Etsy shop in 2014, I didn’t have a clue how it worked or how to be seen amongst a market place containing millions of items! Slowly, but surely, I began to find my feet and carve out my niche, making items I loved with quality materials and spending hours every evening on the computer researching, networking, editing and building my brand.

A lot of my jewellery is colourful, so it made sense to keep the branding simple and monochrome.

Now Chalso has almost completely taken over our conservatory, I have my work station, packing station, photography station and lots of storage. I have developed a brand, a presence on social media and a worldwide customer base.

Next, I guess, it’s time to start a blog….

Rose Quartz wrapped in Sterling silver.

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